Jetwashing and Patio or Decking Cleaning

Bluebells Cleaning specialize in the cleaning of all outside hard surfaces, from small patios and driveways to decking.

Our flat surface jetwash cleaners are of the latest design to minimise the splashing of dirty water and to give an even cleaning effect over your whole surface.

First impressions count and your forecourt or driveway is a valuable asset to your building or property. Why not let us bring it back to its former glory and get that “wow” factor back!

Block Paving, Crazy Paving & Patio Slabs

All are Pressure cleaned, joints re-sanded and sealed with Block Seal Superior.

Presscrete Drives

Repaired, Re-coloured and resin sealed (any choice of colour).

Block Seal Superior

  • Develops richer, more vibrant colours
  • Resists staining from oil, grease, ect. Inhibits weed growth
  • Prevents moss and algae infestation
  • Inhibits lime bloom/Efflorescence
  • Stabilises sand joints (vital if rocking, sinking and spreading of paving is to be prevented)
  • Stops loss of colour
  • Prevents surface delamination and exposure of internal aggregate

Decking Cleaning

Decks need periodic attention to keep them looking good, Since decks are outside, they tend to become dirty over time. Contaminants can build up on wooden decking making it look dull. We will use gentle cleaning methods to remove these contaminants and bring your decking back to its best.

It is so important to maintain decking as it can become slippery if left untreated which can lead to accidents, due to the build up of moss and algae on the decking surface. Regular cleaning of your decking should prevent this from happening.

Further Services

Further to cleaning and maintaining Bluebells can also extend, repair, re-design and lay any type of patio, path or driveway at your request.

BLUEBELLS Cleaning offers cost effective cleaning for every type of premises. To speak to a professional please go to our contact-us page or call us on 01702 611 169.