The Importance of Office Cleaning

The Problem

Imagine that it’s the start of the working day and you enter the office. Your desk has yesterdays’ coffee mug sitting there with a dark ring around the inside and your bin is overflowing. The fridge has a strange smell coming from it and someone has left rubbish all over the floor! How motivated do you feel? And that’s without thinking about the state of the toilet area.

Why it’s important?

We all know that first impressions count. When visitors arrive in your office, its cleanliness will impact the impression formed of your business and work ethic. The importance of high standards of daily office cleaning cannot be underestimated. Nor can the impact that your offices have on all that use them. People work best in a clean and tidy environment. A clean office also influences staff recruitment and retention and equally customer retention. This is why using a daily office cleaning company like Bluebells Cleaning Ltd makes economic sense for your business.

Further to a clean and tidy office being a nicer place to work, it’s a healthier place to work. Workplace kitchens can be dangerously dirty. Work surfaces and draining boards harbour bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Shared fridges, kettle handles and microwave ovens can also be contaminated. The most important areas to be immaculate are the kitchen area and the bathrooms/toilets. Harmful bacteria can be transferred from person to person easily, on taps, toilet cisterns, door handles etc. Nobody wants to use a dirty toilet! We use anti-bacterial cleaning products to eliminate the risk of any e-coli and similar bacteria.

The Solution

Poor basic hygiene in UK offices cost the British economy billions of pounds each year. This is due to employees being unwell and taking time off sick. We tend to take office cleaning for granted, it’s usually completed after you’ve gone home or before you start work. Therefore, it’s easy to assume it will be done every day so it is important to have a regular office cleaning regime in place.
A professional company such as Bluebells Cleaning have a team of experienced office cleaners, with years of experience. We understand the importance of a clean working environment and are dedicated to providing a high quality, true value for money service.

Unless security staff are on site after hours, a key is needed to access the building, so trustworthy cleaners are essential. All staff are DBS checked so you can trust them with your keys and your privacy. Our services are customised according to the needs of the client.

Should you wish to talk, regarding an upcoming cleaning requirement, do not hesitate to contact Sylvie on 01702611169.

Please contact us at bluebells cleaning for a quote or more information for properties in and around Southend on Sea. We look forward to working with you.

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